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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Video Prayer Treatments

For many years now I have been writing my affirmations on paper and repeating them to myself until what I was asking for became manifest in my experience. When I discovered "Mind Movies" video affirmation software by Natalie Ledwell, I decided to use it to create a video "Prayer Treatment" for myself. 

A Prayer Treatment is a powerful 5 step process that I use to call forward all of my "Good" which allows me to create the life I desire to be living. It is also known as Affirmative Prayer because the person using it is affirming their connection to Infinite Intelligence and recognizing that this Power and Presence is working in, and as, and through them to create their success. To learn more about Prayer Treatments and how they work you can check out my blog, "Affirmative Prayer".

I find that watching this video is a powerful way for me to center myself in the truth of who I am as a filmmaker and helps me to realize my connection to the unlimited Power and Presence that lies within my own consciousness.  I have included a copy of it here for anyone who wants to use it and share it with others. I recommend that you watch it a number of times during the day and contemplate its meaning and how it affects your life.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

How I met Jenny

On this, the 4th anniversary of our wedding, I would like to tell the miraculous story of how Jennifer and I met. I believe that it was fate and once you hear my story I think you will agree that there was something greater than the both of us that moved us towards our destiny to be together.

At the time we met I was really tired of and all the other conglomerations of online dating services that did little or nothing for my dating life... not to mention the damage they caused to my ego. So I decided to start my own dating service that would solve some of the problems I was having in finding a partner. Actually I had two dating services, "Sexy Salsa Singles", where an individual could learn to salsa dance in hopes of creating a relationship based on a shred interest in dancing and Sacred Speed Dating", where individuals could make a heart centered connection with a potential love interest. My friend, Carmen Infante was teaching salsa dancing at the time and I thought we could capitalize on her expertise, but Sexy Salsa Singles quickly fell out of alignment with the spiritual path that I was pursuing.

From there I created "Sacred Speed Dating", which was a new take on speed dating . I met Marielle Taylor, a spiritual teacher who was creating "Sacred Pujas" at the time. These pujas allowed single men and woman to make a soul connection with each other through a series of fun and playful tantric exercises that would open up the chakras of the participants and allow them to see beyond the physical appearance. She would have the participants place blankets in a large circle with two pillows at either end facing each other. The men would sit on the inside pillow forming an inner circle and the women would sit opposite them forming an outside circle. Marielle would then have the men rotating around the circle and switching to another woman every 7 minutes. They would then proceed to performing sacred ceremonies with each of the woman who they came into contact with. Unlike normal speed dating where you switch to a new partner every 5 minutes and ask superficial questions that would determine if the person was a good match for you, in this approach there were no words spoken throughout the whole event. The exercises were designed to determine if the individual opposite you could connect with you on a soul level, without all the mental and verbal chatter.  I approached Marielle to see if we could create an event which incorporated her Puja exercises and make it more appealing to a contemporary dating individual and we ended up calling it "Sacred Speed Dating".

It was actually very powerful and was one of my first lessons in making a deep connection with women, which ultimately allowed me to see the beauty in Jennifer and connect with her soul when I first met her. Well if you know Jennifer, you really don't have to take any Pujas or Sacred Speed Dating events to see that this woman has an amazing soul with a light that shines brighter than the star of Bethlehem!

At that same time I was taking a lot of self help classes and seminars and thought it would be a good idea to offer my list of potential clients some seminars on dating seeing that I could use some help in that area also. I met Melvin and Sherrie Allen who were teaching a workshop called the "Relationship Readiness Workshop", a three day intensive, and I mean intensive, workshop on preparing the individual to be ready when the right person showed up in their life.  When I approached Melvin with the idea of selling his workshop to my list of people, he invited me to participate in one of the workshops to see if it was something I would want to get involved in. It was a transformational experience for me and what I learned about myself during this weekend is far too personal to discuss here, but it is sufficient to say that I became open to dating someone closer to my own age.

After I participated in the seminar with Melvin and Sherie Allen, I was invited to his birthday party at the Santa Monica Fish Market and as a gift I wanted to give him a copy of the movie "Peaceful Warrior", but it wasn't available on DVD at that time. So I put together a presentation for him with a trailer of the movie and shared with him that he reminded me of Socrates, the mystic teacher in the movie, because of what he taught me in his seminar. After my presentation I happened to run into this beautiful woman who shared with me that she took the same seminar 6 months before me. We shared our notes, or should I say "Requirement List", that we created at the seminar and I found it pretty amazing that we both wanted the same thing. When she told me that she had two daughters, I stood up and said, "it was nice meeting you" and walked away from the table... then I quickly turned back and told her that I was only joking and that I had a daughter that was the same age as hers. Her name was Jennifer and I think we both instantly knew that it was a match made in heaven and to this day I am so grateful to Carmen, Marielle, Melvin, Sherie and all those who showed me how to open up and connect with my inner self so that I could share my life with woman that I love today.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Faith – A Universal Law

Have you ever been in the flow of life when everything just seemed to fall into place and it felt like you were sitting on top of the world? Everything you touched turned to gold and nothing could take that away from you. Every effort you made blossomed into wonderful experiences full of joy, happiness and success. Life just seemed to unfold in perfect order and everything you hoped, dreamed or wished for became your reality. This is what I refer to as experiencing the original screenplay for your life. The one written by the Infinite Filmmaker, creator of this movie called "Life".

I remember such a time many years ago when I lived in the East Village in NYC and entered my screenplay in the Independent Feature Film Market. This was the first year that the market was accepting submissions for screenplays and I wanted to submit one of my screenplays as a work in progress. 

I had attended the market for many years prior to this time and was familiar with the marketing approaches that filmmakers were using to build a hype over their movies. I wanted to do something uniquely different in the screenplay category. 

In listening to my inner voice, I came up with the idea to rent a theater next door to the film market and stage a reading of the screenplay for interested buyers.  What started out as a bare-boned reading quickly turned into a full stage reading complete with a set, cast, props and a lighting director.  I even created invitations to the reading that looked like a "one sheet" for a movie so as to blend in with the films playing in the market that year. 

How this all came about so effortlessly is a story in itself and one that can be duplicated by anyone who is willing to believe in a Power greater than oneself that is available to all who have a dream and would like support in making that dream a reality. The outcome of my staged reading was even better than I could ever imagine as if something greater than me was directing it.  I later recognized this something greater to be what I now refer to as The Infinite Filmmaker.
It all started with a vision, supported by my enthusiasm and excitement to create something new for the Market. My girlfriend at the time was a casting director and she became infected by my excitement. Through her connections in the film industry she was able to bring some amazing actors from Broadway Shows into the project. These actors were so dedicated that they rehearsed for over three weeks and by the time we did the reading at the the market, it looked more like a play than a reading. The screenplay was based on my own experience of writing short stories for "True Confessions" magazines while living in Key West with some friends. Even today it amazes me how much these actors resembled my friends in both looks and character it was almost as if  they were made for the part and somehow that is not too far from the truth.

The next step was to find a theatre close enough to the Film Market that people would be able to stop by for the reading in between films. Although there was a lot of competition for the buyer's time, I trusted that everything would work out and sure enough we had a full house for all four readings. That in itself was a miracle. 

Everything was so rushed because I was so busy rehearsing the actors and discussing the characters with them that I had little time to look for a theatre. Still, I knew that I had tapped into something greater than I that was in control and I had nothing to worry about. It was like there was something inside of me that trusted in the process and allowed everything to unfold in perfect order.
Angelika Film Center, New York City

One week before the film market began, I found a "Black Box" theatre that was right next to the Angelika Film Center where the film market was taking place. The people who rented me the theater said that there was a play going on in the theater during the evenings and I couldn't touch the set or the lighting for my readings. They couldn't tell me what the set would look like and I had to wait until three days before the market to see if it would even work for my readings.
I was so much into the flow at that time that I trusted it would be the perfect set booked it sight unseen. Sure enough when I showed up to view the theatre, it had a couch and a TV set, which was what I had written into my script, and it even had a wall with a window for the scene where my character peers through the window to witness her husband having sex with her best friend. Not only was the set perfect for my reading, but also the day I checked out the set, I met the lighting director for the evenings play and she agreed to do the lighting for all 4 of my readings. Talk about being in the flow, the reading was a big success and I had a lot of interest in the screenplay including someone from New Line Cinema who happened to be at the reading.
I have had this kind of experience many times in my life and have learned to recreate it over and over again by utilizing the principles that I teach on my website "The Infinite Filmmaker". I will discuss one of them here so that you can understand where I am coming from when I say that you can create whatever you desire in your life without limitation... you just have to learn to get into the flow.
One of the principles that I used in the above example is that I had "the faith of a mustard seed"... a quote that I took from the Bible. Matthew 17:20 "For truly I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible to you." The mustard seed is the smallest of seeds but grows into the largest of plants and so it is with our faith. Just a little faith will take you a long way towards your dreams. I totally walked through the whole process of pulling together a reading in just 4 weeks before the market with the complete faith that it was going to turn out to be better than I could ever imagine and sure enough it did.
I had no control over the stage that was being built, the Broadway cast that I ended up with and even the photographer and the graphic artist who created the most amazing "One Sheet" for the market and it was all done effortlessly. I believe that it was my faith that made it all happen and I never once found myself doubting whether it could be done from the first day of conception to the final reading of the script. I am not talking about faith in myself to pull it off, but the faith in a power that is greater than me to take control of my life and turn it into something quite wonderful at that.
Rev. Michael Beckwith
Oddly enough the name of the script was titled, "Doubting Thomas" and was all about building one's faith and trusting in the universe. Rev. Michael Beckwith from the movie "The Secrets", taught me to, "act as if I already have so that I may receive" and that requires a lot of faith to pull off. Once you experience the infinite Power and Potential of Spirit acting upon your life, it becomes easier to increase your faith to the point of creating whatever you desire.
Richard Smith is an independent filmmaker who teaches metaphysical and spiritual principles to creative individuals in the entertainment industry. He teaches using a metaphor of life being a movie created by an Infinite Filmmaker and everything that the Infinite Filmmaker does in the Universal movie, which is limitless, It also does in our individual life's movie You can learn more about his teachings at

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Creating The Life You Desire

You can create the life you desire by not allowing your past experiences to determine your beliefs about your present reality.  This concept is easily understood when you consider yourself to be individualized character in a universal movie called “Life”.

To achieve success you have to express the character in this movie called “Life” that you were originally intended to become and not the character that is influenced by the universal movie that is going on around you.

So many of us are defined by the world around us as it unfolds as our experience, rather than consciously creating the world that emanates from within. We have bought in to the illusion that we are limited beings and that we have to struggle to get what we want out of life instead of allowing the life force to flow through us into It’s greater expression.

Every person that I’ve worked with, as their spiritual coach, comes into the Infinite Filmmaker teachings with the same idea about themselves. They believe that they are limited in some way and are not deserving of their "Good". It may show up as low self-esteem, doubt or insecurities about themselves and their ability to create what they desire, but the underlying belief is all the same… they can’t  have what they desire. 

They believe that they are separate from the Infinite Filmmaker and are left to create their movie called “Life” through their own devices. They take from their past experiences or shall I say, from past scenes in their life’s movie and use that to write the rest of their screenplay all the way up to the final climax and the conclusion. They are not aware that the past has nothing at all to do with what is happening in the moment and that they can change the outcome of their movie just by re-writing their screenplay based on the way they want the outcome to be and not by the appearances of what it appears to be.

I will give you and example of how this plays out in our life.  Back when I was shooting the movie “Alien Secrets”, we had a scene in a hospital with one of the actors who became ill. We wanted to interview the actor for the “behind the scenes” footage.  When we arrived at the hospital, my partner who was a seasoned professional in the business argued that we would never be allowed to shoot in the hospital.

His past experience in the business and of course most filmmaker’s have had the same experiences of hospitals wanting to protect themselves against liability and refusing to allow any shooting on the premises without permits and a great deal of red tape.  I didn’t want to create that reality for ourselves so I denied that to be our forthcoming experience and through “affirmative prayer” I acknowledged the infinite potential existing in our life with no limitations or restrictions to keep us from acquiring what we desire. 

Affirmative Prayer is a very powerful process of aligning oneself with source energy to create our desired outcome. The answered prayer is what is referred to as a demonstration.  In this case we had a demonstration when we were stopped by security, who then referred us to the head security, who in turn referred us to the hospital police, who miraculously allowed us to bring our camera equipment into the hospital.  If this wasn’t demonstration enough when we started to interview the patient his doctor walked in and volunteered to be interviewed for the movie and signed a release without any hesitation. All of this came as a result of me not buying in to the illusion of lack and limitation and opening my partner and myself to a greater reality.

We were created in the image and likeness of the Infinite Filmmaker which is perfect, whole and complete, yet we are so influenced by the appearances going on around us that we lose track of who we really are as characters in this universal movie.  We lose track of the fact that we are infinite characters in an infinite movie created by an Infinite Filmmaker who is not holding back anything from our movie called, “Life”.  Once we understand our connection as characters in this universal movie with the source of all Creation then we can proceed to create with complete confidence the experiences we desire to have in our life.

Rich Smith

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Mind of The Infinite Filmmaker

In trying to explain our connection to God, the Infinite Filmmaker, I first want to discuss how it is that we are connected to this Divine Creator through our mind.

There is the Universal "Mind" with a Capital "M" and there is our individual mind... the one that we use to think with every day.  Everything that we experience in this "movie called Life" is experienced through our mind. It is through the mind's interpretation of what we see, smell, taste and touch that creates for us the reality of what we are experiencing, and a limited reality at that!

Most people believe that these two minds, the Universal Mind and our individual mind, are separate from each other.  They believe that there is the Divine Mind that creates the universe and everything in it and there is our petty little mind that tries to understand and make sense of it all.  This is far from the truth and as you will see in this article our individual minds are connected to that one Universal Mind and whatever we think into our life the Universal Mind picks it up and creates our life with that thought.  This is why you will often hear me say, "if you can imagine it you can create it"!

Because the Infinite Filmmaker is omnipresent, everywhere present at the same time, then we can assume that the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker is also present right where our mind is.  There are not two minds happening here, only one. Only one mind because, our mind is an aspect of that one Infinite Mind or God Consciousness.  Our mind is an individualized aspect of the Infinite Filmmaker's mind. When we use our mind we are using the great universal mind or the Mind of the Infinite Filmmaker.

Now knowing that this Universal mind is limitless, we must realize that our minds by nature of our relationship with the Infinite Mind are also limitless.  Now here is the key that will set us free.  Are you ready for this? "I and the Infinite Filmmaker are One".  Right where I am the infinite creator is.  My life is the Life of God, The Infinite Filmmaker.  When you look at me you are looking at It. Oh boy!  I can feel it now… blasphemy!  You’re saying. How can he make himself equal to God.  Didn’t they persecute a man more than two thousand years ago for claiming the same thing. Well before you nail me to a cross let me explain.

The old idea of worshiping a God as someone out there in a place called heaven, that has the power to do things to and for us, depending upon Its mood, only creates a belief of separation between the Infinite Filmmaker and you, creating a sense of duality which is the cause of every problem in our life.  The truth is that the Infinite Filmmaker and you are one.  Your life, as a character in this Universal Movie, is the life of the Infinite Filmmaker being expressed as you! Your mind, the one you experience your movie with, is the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker.

In the Bible it states that we were created in the likeness and image of God.
Moses said, “ I AM THAT I AM”
Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.”
Lao-tzu said, “Every being in the universe is an expression of the Tao."
The Advaita of India states, “I am that.”

The conscious awareness of our oneness with the Infinite Filmmaker puts us in league with the Divine Creator as co-creators of our life’s movie.  What I will explain in future articles is that the Infinite Filmmaker has no other choice but to take what we "think" into our life and create from that.  Once you accept the fact that your mind is the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker and that It, the Infinite Filmmaker, creates this movie called "Life" by allowing Its characters to improvise their part in this Universal Movie, then and only then can you make a conscious choice to create the movie that you've always dreamed of living!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How I manifested a scholarship to USM

I had an amazing demonstration last week and although I have experienced many similar ones, this particular demonstration had a profound impact on my life.

It all started with an assignment that I had for my Mastermind Group which was to journal about something that I accomplished in my life that I was proud of. I wrote about the time I went to college after almost flunking out of High School and how proud I was to be able to graduate with a BFA in Filmmaking.  I ended my journal with the realization that I've always wanted to attend the University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology Masters Program and now was the time. I had a deep feeling that somehow I knew that this was not just a wish, but a reality that was already manifesting in my life.

A week later my friend who graduated from USM was in town and wanted me to go out to dinner with some friends of hers who also graduated from the college. During dinner I shared with her friends that I wanted to attend USM and they all agreed that I should just do it and not worry about the money. They suggested that I apply for a scholarship and trust that the money will come... if it's what I really wanted to do. Being graduates from this program they know the power of one's intention and the necessity of one's belief to manifest your desires.

I looked into USM's scholarship program and found out that they didn't have one. 

There I was contemplating where I would get the $20,000 for the two year tuition and rather than worrying about it I just let it go and stayed with the belief that the money would somehow come. The following weekend I was shooting an event with Jim Carey for the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment and I started to share my desire to attend USM with a friend of mine who was a graduate of the program. When I told her about what I wrote in my journal, and then having dinner with other graduates who told me to apply for a scholarship, she started to smile. She said, "Oh my God, I was just talking to my husband last night and he asked if you had attended USM. We offer a partial scholarship to USM for the first year and we were wondering if you would like to attend."Now, although I have demonstrated many things in my life using the same principles that I teach in my Infinite Filmmaker Teachings, it never ceases to amaze me just how connected we are to the Source of All- That-Is.

I don't believe that there is anything to keep us from having whatever we desire in our life, as long as we believe that we can have it and take the necessary actions towards attaining it. There will always be the Infinite Filmmaker there to guide us towards creating the ultimate movie of our life where everything we need is there for our asking.

If you have experienced a demonstration that was an answer to prayer, please tell us about it at .

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

I want to wish you a Happy New Year filled with lots of dreams, hopes and desires that you can manifest in 2012!

This has been an incredible year for me in co-creating the life that I have always dreamed of... It began with a desire to create a family, a home and a new car and ended with my marriage to a wonderful woman who is my lover, companion and "soul mate", a beautiful family, a nice house and a new car to boot! We had an amazing wedding at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, drove to our Honeymoon in my new Toyota Scion and celebrated our marriage in the magical setting of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Now, I told you all this not because I want to brag about what I was able to create, but because I know that you can do the same in your life and with very little effort. I was able to manifest these things without any dramatic changes in my life other than the shift I had in my awareness of the infinite Power and Presence that is readily available for my use to create what I desire. Through my awareness of spiritual laws and principles the universe supplied me with all that I needed to make my dreams come true.

The only thing that I did different than last year was to change my consciousness about what I could be, do and have in this life. The amazing thing is that I didn't even have to try to create anything, I just put into practice the laws and principles that I am going to be sharing with you in 2012 and left the rest to the universe to take care of. If I can create all that I have in the last year just by raising my consciousness, then you can too... there is no reason that you can't! There is nothing holding you back from all of your dreams, accept maybe YOU and now is the time to shift your consciousness to a new level and make 2012 the best year ever.

In my Spiritual Principles for Success Meet-up Group, I will be kicking off the new year with the reading of "Way of The Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman in our Book of The Month Club.  Throughout the month of January we will be discussing the book and seeing how we can utilize some of the lessons that the character, Dan Millman, learned from Socrates his spiritual guide so that we can take our life to a new level.

In February we will screen the movie that was based on the book "Way of The Peaceful Warrior". This movie will launch a monthly screening series of positive and uplifting films from "Spiritual Cinema Circle". I hope that you can find the time to participate in all of the activities that I have planned in 2012 and and really make an effort to shift your vibration in order to attract all of the things that you desire in your life! So join my blog now, before you forget, and let's make 2012 the remarkable year it was meant to be!

Rich Smith
Organizer: Spiritual Principles for Success