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Friday, January 16, 2009

Marketing "Hot Tips"

I have created a new membership list on my website called "Hot Tips On Internt Marketing". These "Hot Tips" are for anyone who wants to learn more about marketing their films, books, music or artwork on the internet. This is a weekly email that my members receive which will share how I successfully market our film "Alien Secrets" over the internet. This blog is an example of how I used the films launch on Netflix to invite new members to my site. If you are familiar with marketing on the internet using the new Web 2.0, then you will know how important it is to create as many leads as possible and then to turn those leads into active members by building your list while at the same time offering something of value to people browsing the internet.

To sign up for this weekly email, go to The Infinite Filmmaker website and click on the "Hot Tips" banner. You will receive a new "Hot Tip" on every Monday and you can cancel it at any time.

So we are launching our movie on Netflix this month and I would like to use this as an opportunity to build our list and invite new members to our site. Our movie will be available on Netflix for the first time and it is my goal to get as many people to rent it as I can and then turn those people into active members of our website. To accomplish this I am going to do something that seems so irrational that your first thought will be "is this man insane" but you will later realize how brilliant this campaign is.

Are you ready for this? I am going to give away the "Secrets From The Underground" 7 part series of videos for free to any member who rents the movie from Netflix within the next 30 days. This series of interviews with the leading experts, scientists and abductees in the UFO field is selling on for $120 and now anyone can get all of them for free just by renting the movie from Netflix.

Now here's the method behind my madness... I believe that this is such a great deal that anyone who is interested in the alien/human hybrid phenomenon, which is what our movie is about, will jump at the chance to receive these videos for free and will be willing to sign up as a member of our site to get them. Actually, they not only get the "Secrets From The Underground" Series for free, but they also get a two week free trial of Netflix that is part of their new promotional campaign. So they get everything for free and we get to sell more movies to Netflix and increase our list at the same time... hows that for good marketing? It's a win win situation for everybody. Oh! and by the way I forgot to mention that the series is available as a download so that it doesn't cost us anything to produce and we make them available once a week so that we can keep in touch with our members every week for 7 weeks and let them now of our exciting other products available through the Alien Secrets Website.

I'm hoping that this information is valuable to you when it comes time to market your own products on the internet. If you don't have products then I would encourage you to find other people's products that are similar to what you want to offer and sell them using the techniques that you will learn from the "Hot Tips On Internet Marketing" weekly mailing that you can sign up for at The Infinite Filmmaker website by clicking on the "Hot Tips" banner on the home page.

I hope you found this article to be of value to you as you pursue your dreams of success.

The Infinite Filmmaker