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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Attending Your Garden

There is a New Thought, Ancient Wisdom teaching that says "Form is Mind in Action" which simply means that our thoughts become the things in our life. We think things into existence... or we can just as easily "think things out of existence" depending on which thought we want to focus on. This is the one of the major reasons why a lot of us are lacking in material goods... it is because we cannot hold the mental equivalent of what we want to manifest in our life long enough to allow it to manifest.

One of the principles that I teach in "The Infinite Filmmaker" teachings is that there is only One Mind and that One Mind is the Mind of God, the Infinite Filmmaker, which is infinite in Its ability to create everything in the universe. Everything that exists on this planet finds Its existence through that One Mind, which I sometimes refer to as "Divine Intelligence". Think of it as the intelligence that holds the Universe together in perfect balance or the Intelligence that creates a baby out of a sperm and Ovum... it is an infinite and ever so powerful a force that can be used to manifest whatever we desire in our life.

The key to understanding how we can use this infinite Mind to create the life we desire is to realize that the One Infinite Mind is individualized and expressed as each and every one of our Minds. Our Mind and God's mind are one Mind. The "One" becomes "All" and the "All" becomes the "One". There is no separation between our mind and that of Universal Mind, therefore, when our thoughts are fed into Universal Mind they have the same Infinite Power to create what we desire that exists in the Mind of God, The Infinite Filmmaker.

When we come to understand that our minds are an individualized aspects of the Universal Mind, then we can begin to use Its unlimited Power to create everything in our life that we would like to experience.

During our meeting on Nov. 12th, I led the members of The Infinite Filmmaker Meetup Group through a guided meditation that allowed them to connect to Source simply by associating a thought or desire, with a seed being planted in fertile ground. I then instructed them to visualize themselves planting the seed and watching it grow into the most magnificent plant. Each morning when they awoke they were instructed to watch the seed beginning to sprout. As they visualize the seed popping its head out of the ground, Source begins the process of aligning everything in the Universe to conspire to bring about the "idea" or "thought" into the form that was associated with the seed. This is a very Powerful exercise which brings about incredible results, very quickly.

Now if each member sticks with this visualization exercise and really focuses their attention on watching the seed grow into the most magnificent plant each morning, I can guarantee that they would manifest their desired thought in no time at all. It has to take form in their life because it is "Law". There is nothing that can stop it from appearing in their life accept that they choose to focus their attention on what they can't have rather than what they can have.

This process of manifestation is very powerful and once you learn how to use it there is no limit to what you can create in your life.

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