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Friday, March 27, 2009

Healing Prayer

There is a Power and Presence that responds to our prayers even to the point of healing our bodies of sickness and disease. Now, most of us as creative individuals experience some form of mental and emotional sickness which is one of the major causes of our not getting what we want out of life. The following is an example of how I used prayer to heal the emotional body of my daughter, so she could release her fear of death.

My 12-year old daughter, Madeleine, was sick last week and I wasn’t able to spend much time with her because she wanted to sleep at her moms. When she came to stay with me, I could tell that she had something on her mind, so I suggested that we do something different and skip her first class to go out for breakfast. It’s amazing how when we shift things up a little and do something out of the ordinary, a doorway opens up for growth. Madeleine would usually feel more comfortable talking out her concerns with her mom, but in this case she was open to sharing with me.

During breakfast, she shared with me that she is having a hard time concentrating in school because she keeps thinking about her friend’s mom who was diagnosed with cancer. This led us into a conversation about death and I shared with her how difficult it was for me when my dad died of a heart attach in front of me when I was 8 yrs old and how I have now come to understand that death is not the end of life, because life is eternal and although our bodies die our spirit or soul lives on forever.

She shared with me that her friends at school were all atheists and she herself is becoming one due to the fact that she is confused and doesn’t know what to believe. As a side note: I think it is a shame that children these days are lacking in faith, not only in God or a higher power, but in themselves as a divine creation with the understanding that they are indubitably connected to Spirit. After discussing faith and honoring her for her belief… or non-belief in God, we talked about the fact that because her friends mom was diagnosed with cancer that it does not have to be viewed as a death notice and that there are lots of people who heal themselves of sickness and disease. I shared with her that one of our friends was diagnosed with cancer three different times and only given less than a year to live and that was over ten years ago.

Madeleine then shared that her mom told her about the movie “The Secret” and how a woman cured herself of cancer by listening to funny tapes and laughed her way back to good health. It was pretty interesting to me that she mentioned that because I gave her mom “The Secret” over two years ago when she was working through some issues and she never watched it until now… at a time when she needed it hear it I guess. It never ceases to amaze me how Spirit works in such a way that something you do for someone years ago can take that long to germinate and become ripe enough for it to bear fruit. I truly believe that all is good!

I took a huge leap in faith when I shared with Madeleine that I believe that we can not only heal ourselves, but that we can also heal others and proceeded to tell her of a time when her Grandparents were both very sick and the doctors couldn’t determine what was wrong with them. My friend, who was madeleine’s aunt, shared with me at the time that she was concerned about her mom and dad and had to accept the fact that they were both well into their 80’s and she would have to get used to the fact that they just might die. I told Madeleine that I did a prayer treatment with her aunt concerning her parent’s health and the both of them became well immediately thereafter. As a matter of fact the doctors found a blocked artery in her grand-dad and when he finally went in for the angioplasty the doctors couldn't find the blockage because it had disappeared. Madeleine was familiar with treatment because we had done them many times before when we wanted to manifest something in our life, but never connected it with using the same power to heal our bodies and free them from disease.

When I left her off at school she was really quiet and I asked her if she wanted to do a prayer for her friend’s mom and she shook her head. I began to speak the word for her friend’s mom, recognizing the perfect wholeness that existed within her body temple, and then proceeded to unify her in consciousness with the perfection of Spirit Itself. When I was done with the prayer, and kissed my daughter goodbye, her smile told me that she had released any concern about her friend’s mom and I know that she left the car in complete faith that our prayer had been answered.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Affirmative Prayer

If we are to connect with all of our “Good” and create all of the things necessary for us to experience success in our life as a creative being, then it is imperative that we learn how to Pray Affirmatively. Affirmative Prayer is an alternative to pleading with God, or Spirit to hear your prayers, and is much more effective in bringing the things you are praying for into your life. When we approach prayer in this way, something profound happens in that the things we are praying for instantly appear in our life. It is measured according to our belief is what the Master taught over 2,000 years ago. Affirmative Prayer or "Speaking The Word" as it is sometimes called, is prayer that comes from the belief that whatever we ask for is already given and through our faith in the infinite Power and Presence of Spirit to bring it to us, we open up a channel for it to appear in our reality.

Affirmative Prayer is not something that comes easy to people who were brought up with the belief that only some of our prayers are answered and only when Spirit feels moved to do so. I remember a time when I would “make deals” with God, that if "He" answered my prayer I would believe in Him and would follow His ways. That seemed to work for a time only I wouldn’t often hold up my end of the bargain and would fall back into feeling not worthy to ask for anything else. How silly is that?
I now realize that God, cannot be defined or even imagined because the more we try to pigeon hole God into our personal view of "It", the further we get from knowing the true Spirit of All That Is. A clearer understanding of God and one that works for me is to look at the nature of God and the principles under which It operates.

One of the principles that I would like to discuss and one that is key to applying affirmative prayer is the belief that we are surrounded by an infinite Intelligence, which I refer to as the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker, which knows Itself to be all that I AM and doesn’t hold back from expressing Itself in my (our) life. If you can imagine that you are living in a movie that is being created by God, the Infinite Filmmaker, and as a character in this universal movie… you are a reflection of this Infinite Filmmaker in much the same way that a filmmaker in the physical world puts some aspect himself into every character he creates in his movie. He can’t help but to create his characters with some aspect of his personality, character, and nature into his film and so it is with God, the Infinite Filmmaker when He created you as a character in this universal movie called “Life”. We are not praying to something outside of ourselves to do something for us… we are praying to something that we are indubitably connected to that is already doing for us what we asked for. By praying affirmatively we opening ourselves to receiving that which is already given in the mind of the Infinite.

When you speak… your word goes to the place in Infinite Mind where the thing that you spoke of exists. It is as if your word is the direct connection to the thing that you prayed for allowing it to show up in your life. There was a time when I believed my prayers were cast out among the stars and randomly they would be answered depending on the mood of God. But now I see that all our prayers are answered before we even ask them. As the Master said, “ask and it is given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened.” We just have to act as if we already have what we pray for and it will appear in our reality. This is where the ingredient of faith comes in. We just have to believe that the eternal gift is given, act as if it were already there and then give thanks for receiving it and it will appear… it is as simple as that. There is a very effective method of praying affirmatively that was taught to me when I studied at the Agape Spiritual Center that is a 5 step process and is what is commonly referred to as a treatment or affirmative prayer. I do treatments on a daily basis for everything from healing myself and others when we are sick to bringing people and things into my life that I need to move forward in my vision to teach these spiritual principles to creative individuals in the entertainment industry. It is very powerful prayer and it works! To learn more about treatments and affirmative prayer I invite you to register as a member of The Infinite Filmmaker website. You will be updated on my upcoming classes and events that teach these powerful principles.