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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Video Prayer Treatments

For many years now I have been writing my affirmations on paper and repeating them to myself until what I was asking for became manifest in my experience. When I discovered "Mind Movies" video affirmation software by Natalie Ledwell, I decided to use it to create a video "Prayer Treatment" for myself. 

A Prayer Treatment is a powerful 5 step process that I use to call forward all of my "Good" which allows me to create the life I desire to be living. It is also known as Affirmative Prayer because the person using it is affirming their connection to Infinite Intelligence and recognizing that this Power and Presence is working in, and as, and through them to create their success. To learn more about Prayer Treatments and how they work you can check out my blog, "Affirmative Prayer".

I find that watching this video is a powerful way for me to center myself in the truth of who I am as a filmmaker and helps me to realize my connection to the unlimited Power and Presence that lies within my own consciousness.  I have included a copy of it here for anyone who wants to use it and share it with others. I recommend that you watch it a number of times during the day and contemplate its meaning and how it affects your life.