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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Law Of Reflection

You’ve heard about the “Law Of Attraction”, but what about the Law of Reflection? Most people can understand the concept that they attract whatever they are in alignment with or are vibrating to, whether it be beneficial or detrimental to their life’s happiness. This is a pretty easy concept to understand and one that we can wrap our mind around, but what may be more challenging to understand is the fact that our experiences in life are merely a reflection of what is going on inside of us. Since we are the source of everything that we experience in our life it all has to be created in our mind before we can experience it

In my Infinite Filmmaker teachings, I use a metaphor of life being a movie created by God, the Infinite Filmmaker and everything that the Infinite Filmmaker does in the Universal movie, which is limitless, is also done in our individual movie of our life. I teach from the consciousness of this all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present filmmaker who is creating our individual movie that I call “Life”, in a perfect and complete way. There is nothing lacking in this universal movie and most certainly nothing is lacking from our individual movie. That is for sure.

The Infinite Filmmaker can’t create anything in our life until it is first done “through us” and not “to us”. We are the vessel through which It creates and without us there is no movie called “Life”. Everything that we are experiencing in our life’s movie exists because we were able to hold some mental image of it in our mind and it is then reflected back to us as our experience. This is what is known as a “Mental Equivalent”… a mental image of what we want to create in our life is held in “Universal Mind” which is then acted upon by Divine Creation and in turn becomes the “Form” of our life as everything that we experience in the physical realm.

So how does this knowledge change what we experience in our life? It is really very simple… so simple that many people who spent their whole life struggling can’t accept the fact that by merely shifting their consciousness from one of victim consciousness, where everything is happening to them, to a consciousness of Co-Creation where everything is created through them according to their beliefs.

This information that I am giving you is very challenging to understand but is very powerful once you accept it as your truth and then apply it to your life. I encourage you to visit my website and learn as much as you can about “New Thought, Ancient Wisdom” teachings so that you can create a New Reality for your life.


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