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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Mind of The Infinite Filmmaker

In trying to explain our connection to God, the Infinite Filmmaker, I first want to discuss how it is that we are connected to this Divine Creator through our mind.

There is the Universal "Mind" with a Capital "M" and there is our individual mind... the one that we use to think with every day.  Everything that we experience in this "movie called Life" is experienced through our mind. It is through the mind's interpretation of what we see, smell, taste and touch that creates for us the reality of what we are experiencing, and a limited reality at that!

Most people believe that these two minds, the Universal Mind and our individual mind, are separate from each other.  They believe that there is the Divine Mind that creates the universe and everything in it and there is our petty little mind that tries to understand and make sense of it all.  This is far from the truth and as you will see in this article our individual minds are connected to that one Universal Mind and whatever we think into our life the Universal Mind picks it up and creates our life with that thought.  This is why you will often hear me say, "if you can imagine it you can create it"!

Because the Infinite Filmmaker is omnipresent, everywhere present at the same time, then we can assume that the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker is also present right where our mind is.  There are not two minds happening here, only one. Only one mind because, our mind is an aspect of that one Infinite Mind or God Consciousness.  Our mind is an individualized aspect of the Infinite Filmmaker's mind. When we use our mind we are using the great universal mind or the Mind of the Infinite Filmmaker.

Now knowing that this Universal mind is limitless, we must realize that our minds by nature of our relationship with the Infinite Mind are also limitless.  Now here is the key that will set us free.  Are you ready for this? "I and the Infinite Filmmaker are One".  Right where I am the infinite creator is.  My life is the Life of God, The Infinite Filmmaker.  When you look at me you are looking at It. Oh boy!  I can feel it now… blasphemy!  You’re saying. How can he make himself equal to God.  Didn’t they persecute a man more than two thousand years ago for claiming the same thing. Well before you nail me to a cross let me explain.

The old idea of worshiping a God as someone out there in a place called heaven, that has the power to do things to and for us, depending upon Its mood, only creates a belief of separation between the Infinite Filmmaker and you, creating a sense of duality which is the cause of every problem in our life.  The truth is that the Infinite Filmmaker and you are one.  Your life, as a character in this Universal Movie, is the life of the Infinite Filmmaker being expressed as you! Your mind, the one you experience your movie with, is the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker.

In the Bible it states that we were created in the likeness and image of God.
Moses said, “ I AM THAT I AM”
Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.”
Lao-tzu said, “Every being in the universe is an expression of the Tao."
The Advaita of India states, “I am that.”

The conscious awareness of our oneness with the Infinite Filmmaker puts us in league with the Divine Creator as co-creators of our life’s movie.  What I will explain in future articles is that the Infinite Filmmaker has no other choice but to take what we "think" into our life and create from that.  Once you accept the fact that your mind is the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker and that It, the Infinite Filmmaker, creates this movie called "Life" by allowing Its characters to improvise their part in this Universal Movie, then and only then can you make a conscious choice to create the movie that you've always dreamed of living!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How I manifested a scholarship to USM

I had an amazing demonstration last week and although I have experienced many similar ones, this particular demonstration had a profound impact on my life.

It all started with an assignment that I had for my Mastermind Group which was to journal about something that I accomplished in my life that I was proud of. I wrote about the time I went to college after almost flunking out of High School and how proud I was to be able to graduate with a BFA in Filmmaking.  I ended my journal with the realization that I've always wanted to attend the University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology Masters Program and now was the time. I had a deep feeling that somehow I knew that this was not just a wish, but a reality that was already manifesting in my life.

A week later my friend who graduated from USM was in town and wanted me to go out to dinner with some friends of hers who also graduated from the college. During dinner I shared with her friends that I wanted to attend USM and they all agreed that I should just do it and not worry about the money. They suggested that I apply for a scholarship and trust that the money will come... if it's what I really wanted to do. Being graduates from this program they know the power of one's intention and the necessity of one's belief to manifest your desires.

I looked into USM's scholarship program and found out that they didn't have one. 

There I was contemplating where I would get the $20,000 for the two year tuition and rather than worrying about it I just let it go and stayed with the belief that the money would somehow come. The following weekend I was shooting an event with Jim Carey for the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment and I started to share my desire to attend USM with a friend of mine who was a graduate of the program. When I told her about what I wrote in my journal, and then having dinner with other graduates who told me to apply for a scholarship, she started to smile. She said, "Oh my God, I was just talking to my husband last night and he asked if you had attended USM. We offer a partial scholarship to USM for the first year and we were wondering if you would like to attend."Now, although I have demonstrated many things in my life using the same principles that I teach in my Infinite Filmmaker Teachings, it never ceases to amaze me just how connected we are to the Source of All- That-Is.

I don't believe that there is anything to keep us from having whatever we desire in our life, as long as we believe that we can have it and take the necessary actions towards attaining it. There will always be the Infinite Filmmaker there to guide us towards creating the ultimate movie of our life where everything we need is there for our asking.

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