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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Original Screenplay

Why do we as creative individuals experience so many challenges in pursuing our dreams for success and fulfillment as filmmakers, writers, artists and musicians. I believe it is because we are living according to some distorted image of who we are, instead of who we were created to become. To completely understand my point of view I would like to use the metaphor of life being a movie created by God, the Infinite Filmmaker. Just imagine, if you can, that the life you are living is a movie that is based on a screenplay... well actually it is based on two screenplays. The one that was created by the Infinite Filmmaker which I will refer to as the "original screenplay" and the one created by you which we will call the "secondary screenplay".

The "Original Screenplay" for this movie was created from the mind of God, the Infinite Filmmaker when It first conceived of this movie called, “Life”. Now being from the mind of the Infinite, this original screenplay is a perfect script that is whole and complete, lacking nothing, and tells the story of Life, all life, as it was intended to be. It is all Good because everthing that is created by the Infinite Filmmaker has its intention in Goodness and It cannot create anything that is contrary to Itself and does not move toward complete expression of Itself. This script reflects the life that we were intended to live and is the one that can be used to create the perfect life for you.

The "Secondary Screenplay" is the one that most of us are using to create the movie we are now living. This script is the one that was adulterated by producers who are living in fear, self-doubt and insecurities. It causes most of the sadness and disappointments in our life and yet we choose to create the movie of our life based on this script.

We have to take a look at the drama that we are creating in our movie called “Life” and be open to the idea of throwing away this Secondary Script and recreating a life of humor and joy by going back to the Original Script that was created in the mind of The Infinite Filmmaker.

You have to ask yourself, “who is writing the script for your movie called “Life”? Is it the producers that are living in fear or the Infinite Filmmaker? Have you ever thought about why the same things keep happening in your life over and over and over again. It is because you keep going back to the same script. The one that was messed up by the producers and the one that is messing up your life. The movie is only as good as the script! You hear this all the time and so why would you keep using the same script. You tell me anyone in Hollywood who would continue to use the same script one disasterous film after another, yet you do the same thing in your movie called “Life.” Many of you don’t know that there is a script for your life that is perfect, whole and complete and you don’t know how to get your hands on this script. Believe me, this script does exist and is right within your reach, but in order to see it you have to be willing to make some changes in the way you view your life. You have to change the way you think, and the way you speak, and even the way you feel about yourself in order to create the perfect life that is based on the Original Screenplay.

Many people who have studied The Infinite Filmmaker Teachings, have told me that it was very challenging to change their life. They have been living under the influence of the secondary screenplay for so long that they felt that there is no hope for changing it. They have been taking personal development seminars, reading self-help books, attending churches and synagogs and nothing seemed to be working for them until they discovered a way to understand the spiritual principles that govern the universe by viewing life a s a movie created by the Infinite Filmmaker.

We were created in the image and likeness of God, the Infinite Filmmaker and as characters in this amazing movie called "Life" we were meant to thrive and flourish as unique individual expressions of this Divine Filmmaker. The way to discover who we are and why we are here as creative individuals in the entertainment business is to get into the Mind of the Infinite Filmmaker and begin to understand the principles that the Original Screenplay is based upon.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Triune Nature of the Infinite Filmmaker

This article is a continuation of The “God, The Infinite Filmmaker” article. Please keep in mind that I use the metaphor of life being a movie created by God, The Infinite Filmmaker.

In order to completely understand how the Infinite Filmmaker creates, we must first understand the Triune nature of the Infinite Filmmaker and how this movie called life was created from the beginning of time. One of the most popular biographies on the Infinite Filmmaker and where we will get the clearest understanding of how It creates this Movie called “Life” is in the Bible. So, without sounding too dogmatic I will draw your attention to the first line in the Old Testament… “In the beginning, God”. We have to realize that this Infinite Filmmaker existed before any movie treatment, script or storyboard was created for this movie called “Life”. In the beginning there was Spirit or Intelligence only, no manifest universe, no form, no planets, no script, no characters, no cast, no crew and no movie. There was nothing… just a blank slate. It clearly states that the whole vision for this movie called “Life” was created in the Mind of this Infinite Being and proceeded forth from the spoken word. “And God said let there be light and there was light” (St. John chapter 1). The universe was clearly created from the spoken word and came forth out of the mouth of the Infinite Filmmaker. Therefore everything exists in this movie through the mouth or word of the Infinite Filmmaker.

From where did the Infinite Filmmaker get Its’ idea for this movie called “Life”? How was everything in this movie first conceived and out of what was everything in this universe made? How did we come into being and receive life? It is easy to comprehend when we understand that the nature of The Infinite Filmmaker is a unity with three distinctive attributes. Spirit, Soul and Body.

Spirit is First cause or the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker that brings all things into existence. Spirit is the consciousness of the Infinite Filmmaker that knows itself and sees itself in everything that It creates. It is all, as all and through all and it is infinite in Its ability to create. There is nothing that it is not and nothing that it cannot and does not do. The original script that was created in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker comes from First Cause. It is the original idea set in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker for this movie called “Life”. For the purposes of this article I will refer to the screenplay for this movie called “Life” as originating from first cause and is the original idea set in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker. We will talk later about the infinite screenplay and how we can get our hands on it. But for now let’s just understand that it originated in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker.

The Soul on the other hand is the creative medium through which Spirit works. You can look at it as the fertile soil through which the seed grows into the plant. Or in terms of this movie called “Life” we can refer to it as the cast and crew who takes the script and through their own faculties create the movie that exists in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker. The Soul is the subjective mind of the Infinite Filmmaker and it has no volition of Its own. It only takes what Spirit feeds it and creates from that. It has no mind of its own. It only does what it is told to do by Infinite Mind or Spirit. It does this through Its own Law of creation. Just as there are physical laws in the universe that determine the behavior of physical substance, so does the Spiritual realm have Laws that govern Its function. A good example of this Law is the creation of an oak tree out of an acorn. There is a law in place that brings the tree into existence. The Cast and Crew takes the Vision of the Infinite Filmmaker and creates this movie using these Laws.

The Body is everything that we experience in this physical world including our thoughts, emotions and feelings. In this movie called “Life” we can consider it the final print that is the result of Spirit (The Infinite Filmmaker) working with the Soul (The cast and crew) to create the Body (the movie itself) which is the result of all the work done by the cast and crew or by the Spirit acting upon the soul. It is the idea made manifest as the actual cellulite film that brings the movie into form so that we can experience the vision of the Infinite Filmmaker.

What Happens in the Macrocosm is also happening in the Microcosm of our individual life. Just as Infinite Mind sets the Law into motion to create Form in the universe, It also creates the circumstances and experiences in our personal life’s movie. Everything that we experience comes from that One Infinite Mind whose nature is one of perfection. So you may be wondering that if the Infinite Filmmaker is capable of creating everything to perfection in our life and if Its intention is to do so, then why is life such a struggle and so imperfect? The answer is the subject of my next article… “One With The Infinite Filmmaker”.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Divinely Inspired

Life for me has always been a struggle as an independent filmmaker. I totally bought into the idea that I was a down and out filmmaker and I lived it to the fullest. Is there anyone reading this that has bought into the "Race Consciousness" within the industry that tells you life as a filmmaker is nothing but a struggle? I did! To me life was always a struggle, where one project after another would end in failure. First it was the conscious film festival that I was creating during the dot com generation. While creating the festival I totally put my life on hold because I thought that I could make a difference in the world. Then my hard drive crashed and I lost two years of work along with my "life" that was so tied up in this venture. I was not going to be defeated and I got another computer, this time with a 120 gigabyte back-up drive and proceeded to re-create my film festival only this time with the newest technology by Macromedia. I spent many, many weeks learning to use Flash, Dreamweaver and other web designing programs. Again I put my life on hold to pursue my dream thinking this is it! This is going to bring me success and abundance in my life even though everything else was missing. I felt empty inside and yet I couldn't let go of the belief that my life would be meaningless without it. I pushed ahead for another year re-creating the festival... Yes, I pushed ahead during a divorce, then a romance break-up and even through the dot-com crash. I continued to work on the festival site day and night. I was miserable yet, I couldn't let go because at that point it became who I was and letting it go would be like ending my life. I Shot a number of films that ended up on the shelf, wrote some screenplays that never sold, and attempted to create a video production company. I became defined by my work and nothing was going to change that. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

Finally one day after many years of trying to make my mark in the industry, I woke up feeling depressed and discouraged saying that I am not getting out of bed until God tells me what to do with my life. Well I ended up staying in bed all day, praying and meditating, and trying to listen to that "Still Small Voice" deep inside. I kept getting the word to let go of everything that I was trying to create in my life, even the film festival but I just couldn't do it. I finally fell asleep and then the miracle happened. I woke up at about three o'clock in the morning and started to write a book about this life that we are living as being a movie that is created by an Infinite Filmmaker. I must have written about 30 pages that night and had no idea what I was going to do with it. Then a series of events took place that I believe were Divinely guided. Somebody suggested that I go to the Agape Revelation Conference and because I couldn't afford it I should call about volunteering. On the day of registration for the conference, one of the ministers left a message that they needed help at the conference and if I was interested to just show up at the conference and ask for the coordinator. To make a long story short, I attended the conference and while there received a free gift certificate to the Millionaire Mind Intensive workshop by T. Harv Eker one of the top motivational speakers in the country. I still had no idea what this was all about and I didn't plan on going to the workshop, but then a friend that I met at the conference called me and asked if I wanted to go to the intensive workshop with her. I attended the workshop and as I watched T. Harv Eker motivate the audience I knew that this had something to do with the new book I was writing. Then at the end of the workshop they were offering a course called Train The Trainer, for people who wanted to do what Mr. Eker was doing and I knew I just had to sign up for the course. It was $3,000 and I went back and forth over whether I could afford it or not. I was in total anxiety over the money and looking back I should have trusted in Spirit, because they agreed to let me pay $300 a month for the next year, which I did. It ended up that during the year I volunteered for some classes and received $600 in coupons which I applied to my tuition. The real miracle comes in when the sales manager who I met at the classes, offered my $1500 to edit a promo video for Mr. Eker's new book. Good or Good? It ended up costing me $900 for the course. I later went on to take the Train The Trainer II class and am now a certified trainer, trained by one of the greatest teachers and coaches in the country. Through Divine Inspiration, I have transformed my love of filmmaking into teaching Spiritual Principles for Success to creative individuals in the entertainment business.

The blessing continues today when I recently received a scholarship to study for my Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica . I am presently coaching and teaching classes based on the book that I started to write on that fateful morning when I let go of how I thought my life should unfold and allowed myself to open up to God's plan for my life.

I believe that when we step out of our own way and allow Spirit to guide us to our true calling in life all the struggle and pain that we are facing will just fade away into the nothingness from where it came.