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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Infinite Filmmaker

Some of the principles that I speak of in this blog can be very challenging to understand, so I will be using a metaphor of life... your life and my life, as being a movie created by the Infinite Filmmaker and whatever the Infinite Filmmaker can do in the macrocosm of the Universal movie, which is limitless, it can do in the microcosm of our individual life’s movie. Are you with me here? If not, then take some time to really think about this concept and begin to look around you and view everything that you are experiencing in your life as a fictitious movie that can be changed at any moment and as you continue with this blog, and future blogs, you will witness incredible changes in your life due to this first principle… “everything is consciousness and when you transform your consciousness everything in your life will reflect that change”.

First let’s take a look at God, The Infinite Filmmaker who is in charge of creating everything in this movie called “Life”. So what do we know about this Infinite Filmmaker that will serve us in creating a life that works and works more efficiently for each and every one of us? We do know that the Infinite Filmmaker, by It’s very nature, is Infinite and there is nothing that it can’t and doesn’t do to create everything in this movie called, “Life”. If you look around you, you will see that the Infinite Filmmaker is not holding back anything from appearing in It’s movie and therefore everything has the potential to become part of your individual movie called “Life”. If I look around me I see a lavish world that is filled with so much substance and supply that it is nearly mind boggling and leaves me in awe of the Infinite Filmmakers ability to create whatever It desires to create in this movie called “Life”. There is nothing lacking in this universal movie and everything is possible for us to experience in our individual movie without any limitation… from the wardrobe department, to the location and set design departments, everything is possible for us to experience in this movie. What you will learn from these blogs is that there is nothing to keep you from experiencing everything that you desire in your life.

First let’s think about this Infinite Filmmaker who has the ability to create everything that It desires in this universal movie called “Life”. Now if I were a filmmaker and I had that kind of power, then there is nothing that I would hold back from creating in my movie and I would make sure everything that I could think of was written into the screenplay. The question to be considered here is that if the Infinite Filmmaker has the power to create anything and everything in this universal movie, then why is there so much lack and limitation in our lives?  I personally don’t believe that the Infinite Filmmaker, who’s nature is one of expansion and creation, is holding back anything from your life and I further affirm that it is us that is blocking any experiences that may bring us peace, joy, harmony and success in our movie called “Life”. The goal is to discover what it is that is blocking us from receiving all of our good in this life and then to eliminate it from our consciousness.

Stay tuned for my next Blog where I will present to you ideas that will literally open you up to creating that perfect life that the Infinite Filmmaker has in mind for you. For now, contemplate and meditate on the idea of just how Infinite the creator of this universal movie is and how freely and without limitation it creates everything in this universal movie called “Life”.

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One with the Infinite Filmmaker

In my last Blog I spoke about the Omnipotent nature of the Infinite Filmmaker and eluded to the fact that it is us and not the Infinite Filmmaker, that is blocking all of our good in this movie called "Life." In this Blog we will examine some of the principles that the infinite Filmmaker uses to create everything in this universe in such a perfect way including our lives. We will learn about the law of cause and effect and discover how to apply this law to create prosperity, abundance and success in your life as a creative individual. "Your life is created in the exact same way that the Divine creator creates everything in the universe... from the infinite solar system to the birth of a child it is all created in the same way. There is a law behind all creation and just as physical laws, mathematical laws, and scientific laws can be understood and then utilized, so too can spiritual laws be used for creating everything in your life in such a perfect way. Up until now most of you have been using these same laws to create lack, limitation and disharmony in your life. It's the same law, only different results. We will learn to use these laws for the purpose of tapping into the Infinite Power of the universe to create positive results in our life's movie."

Contrary to what one may think, we are not subject to the causes around us and do have control over the results that we experience in our movie called "Life." We live in a world of causes and effects and yet we can choose to set the causes in motion that will create the effect that we desire. We are not at the mercy of an inconsistent filmmaker who chooses to create havoc in this universal movie

There is one great cause behind everything in this universal movie and everything is an effect or result of this one great cause which I will call The Infinite Filmmaker for the purpose of this blog. Nothing can exist without this one cause for everything is a reflection of this One Cause and just as you cannot separate a wave from the ocean, or the gold from a gold pen, the gold is the gold pen and so too are we and everything we experience in this movie called life... one with the Infinite Filmmaker. Wherever we are the Infinite Filmmaker is there also. We cannot be seperated from the source no matter how hard we try and this is the second principle that we must understand in order to create change in our life. When you are looking at yourself you are seeing the Infinite Filmmaker and all is just as it should be.

Each character in this movie called "Life" is a unique individual expression of the Infinite Filmmaker. There are no two characters alike in this movie and there is something that each one of you can do that no one else can do. Just as we being creative artists have this need to express ourselves in our films by creating characters that are some aspect of ourselves, so does the Infinite filmmaker have this need to express Itself In and as our lives. We are made of the same substance of the Infinite Filmmaker and everything that the Infinite Filmmaker can do, which is limitless, It can have Its characters do also. Each individual character is created in the image and likeness of the Divine Filmmaker and how can it be otherwise? How can It create something that It is not, since It is everything? Each individual, you and I, in this movie called "Life" has in us the potential to become anything and experience everything that the Divine Filmmaker can think of without limitation, because there is no limit in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker! We can and do experience everything that is held in the mind of this Divine Filmmaker and that is why life is so rich with experiences and there is no limit to those experiences. Think about this, we are in this movie called "Life" and experiencing whatever it is that the Divine Creator can imagine us experiencing and nothing is being held back. Now let me ask you something the same thing that I had to ask myself many years ago? If God, The Infinite Filmmaker is not holding back anything from Its creation of this movie called "Life", then who is keeping us from being all that we were meant to be. Who is keeping us from experiencing success in this life? Who is keeping us from fully expressing our unlimited selves? Does anybody have an answer? Of course we are and we are doing it through our consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not.


What you will learn in my workshops is that there is nothing to keep you from creating success in your life. As a matter of fact the original script that was written for your life by the Infinite Filmmaker, has success written all over it. What you will discover in these workshops, is that you are supported by an infinite Intelligence that is everywhere present, and is just waiting to reveal itself in and as and through your life as an Infinite Filmmaker and it does so through our consciousness.

Please come back next month and I will tell you how to get a hold of the script that was written by the Infinite Filmmaker for that perfect life that you were meant to be experiencing. Till then start to look within and there you will catch glimpses of the Infinite Screenplay.

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We are all connected

This blog was inspired by something that happened to me which was a reminder that we are definitely connected to the source of all that is. In my last blog I spoke about our oneness with Source or what I refer to as "The Infinite Filmmaker" who is creating this movie called "Life" that we are all participating in. I mentioned that, just as a wave can never be separate from the ocean, so can we never be separate from the source of our life.
Because the Infinite Filmmaker expresses every single person, place or thing in this movie called "Life" as a unique emanation of itself,  then it stands to reason that we ultimately are connected to everything in this movie just as we are connected to the source. Like strands of a gigantic web we are connected to one another and to everything that exists in this universe. You've heard of "six degrees of separation" well it goes a lot deeper than just six degrees and thus we are infinitely connected to everything in our movie called "Life". What I am about to teach you is how to connect with everything and everybody so that you can co-create the movie of your life... A movie that is full of prosperity, abundance, wealth, perfect right work, and whatever else you desire to bring into your life. What I am about to share with you is only a small example of how we can use these spiritual principles to connect with the right people, jobs, money, work and whatever else we need to bring us the success we deserve. I have witnessed the power of intention so many times in my life that it is becoming second nature to me and I probably wouldn't have thought anything about what happened tonight if it weren't for me wanting to make other people aware of the infinite power that is at our command.
We are already connected to it but are not in the consciousness that allows us to experience it. So without wasting any more time, here is my story. I brought my 10 year old daughter to the movies tonight and she wanted to play a game on my cell phone while we were waiting to go into the theatre. I completely forgot about the phone until after the movie was over and we arrived at the car and I asked her for my phone. She said it was in her pocket and then seeing the concerned look on her face I didn't have to ask what was wrong... I knew that my cell phone was missing. So we went back into the theatre and searched vehemently under the seats, in every isle within 4 rows of where we were sitting and found nothing. Now you can imagine how worried I was and what was going through my mind. "I can't lose my phone, I need it for my business. I'll never be able to replace all the phone numbers in my phone book, They charge a fortune to replace a phone that is still under the contract"... it went on and on. These thoughts were entering my mind every time we searched somewhere and as a result kept coming up empty handed. We searched in the women's room, at the concession stand, the ticket booth, the lost and found... everywhere and yet there was nothing to be found. I was beginning to get more and more worried and full of fear. Finally when we were ready to leave and give up on it, I brought my daughter aside and reminded her of the time two years earlier when we left a bag full of articles that we had puschased in Sav-on and couldn't find it. I refreshed her memory of how we had asked everyone in the store where it could be found and no one knew anything about it... That is until we just stopped and did a prayer of faith knowing that the bag would show up. At that moment my daughter had an instinct of where it could be found and ran over to the magazine rack only to discover that it wasn't there... but what was standing there instead of the bag was a manager who asked what we were looking for and when we told him he said, "you mean the light blue shopping bag with the kitchen utensils in it?"
I told my daughter that we could do the same thing and we proceeded to center ourselves and did a treatment (I will explain what this is and how to do one at another time) but for now it is what is sometimes referred to as affirmative prayer. I then asked her to follow her instinct and she started to head out of the theatre to the mall and I told her that maybe we should check the movie theatre one more time before we follow our path back to the car. I walked into the theatre and went right to the seat that we were sitting in... the one that I must have checked at least a dozen times earlier that evening and sure enough it was lying there in plain sight. I know it wasn't there before or else I would have seen it, but like a miracle, there it was right under my nose. The miracle wasn't that the phone vanished and then suddenly appeared 20 minutes later... the miracle was that I looked right past it due to my fear, worry, concern and negative thinking. For all practical appearances the phone had disappeared from my sight because it had disappeared from my consciousness as I was thinking in terms of separation. I believed that I and my phone were not connected and that is exactly what I had experienced as my reality..."my phone was lost". I believed that my phone was lost and I was going to have to pay the consequences and that is exactly what I experienced. That is until my daughter and I affirmed in our prayer that there is no separation between anything in this universe and that we are as connected to the cell phone as the ocean is to the wave, the gold is to the gold pen and that we were as connected to the phone as we are to our source and suddenly the fear left and I began to experience and see another reality. That is how it appeared right under my nose the second time that I went into the theatre with the consciousness that it would be found ... knowing I had nothing to fear. It was the Christ who simply said to those he healed, "go your faith has healed you". Now this leads me to the bigger picture which is that if we continue believing that we are separate from our good, if we believe we are separate from the things that we desire in life and pursue our dreams and visions with this consciousness of separation we are never going to find what we are looking for... we will only find that which we fear or doubt. We have to go within and pray believing that we already have that which we desire in order for it to manifest. Just as my cell phone was manifest through my consciousness. We have to recognize that we are inevitably connected to every person, place and thing that is going to bring us our Good and then those people, places and things will appear like magic in our life. This is a reciprocal universe it gives us back exactly what we think into it. So if you are an actor, writer, director, musician or filmmaker and you think that your opportunities for success are lost and can never be found, then I invite you to go within with me right her and now and just affirm that there is nothing lost to the Infinite Filmmaker and that everything It needs to create this perfect movie called "life" our life, is within reach and readily available for us. Every person who can green light our project is not lost, but found and is there for our benefit. Every financier, every producer, every director, every executive that can give us that "yes", every publisher that can put us on the best seller list, every manager that can encourage us to go for our dreams and every agent that can connect us to that golden opportunity is not lost in our consciousness and is therefore made manifest right here and right now. Affirm that you are connected to everyone and then just allow them to appear one by one in your life as you let go of the belief of separation, lack and limitation and open to the knowledge that it is already done in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker. We just have to have faith and be willing to receive whatever it is that we are in need of.
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