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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Creating The Life You Desire

You can create the life you desire by not allowing your past experiences to determine your beliefs about your present reality.  This concept is easily understood when you consider yourself to be individualized character in a universal movie called “Life”.

To achieve success you have to express the character in this movie called “Life” that you were originally intended to become and not the character that is influenced by the universal movie that is going on around you.

So many of us are defined by the world around us as it unfolds as our experience, rather than consciously creating the world that emanates from within. We have bought in to the illusion that we are limited beings and that we have to struggle to get what we want out of life instead of allowing the life force to flow through us into It’s greater expression.

Every person that I’ve worked with, as their spiritual coach, comes into the Infinite Filmmaker teachings with the same idea about themselves. They believe that they are limited in some way and are not deserving of their "Good". It may show up as low self-esteem, doubt or insecurities about themselves and their ability to create what they desire, but the underlying belief is all the same… they can’t  have what they desire. 

They believe that they are separate from the Infinite Filmmaker and are left to create their movie called “Life” through their own devices. They take from their past experiences or shall I say, from past scenes in their life’s movie and use that to write the rest of their screenplay all the way up to the final climax and the conclusion. They are not aware that the past has nothing at all to do with what is happening in the moment and that they can change the outcome of their movie just by re-writing their screenplay based on the way they want the outcome to be and not by the appearances of what it appears to be.

I will give you and example of how this plays out in our life.  Back when I was shooting the movie “Alien Secrets”, we had a scene in a hospital with one of the actors who became ill. We wanted to interview the actor for the “behind the scenes” footage.  When we arrived at the hospital, my partner who was a seasoned professional in the business argued that we would never be allowed to shoot in the hospital.

His past experience in the business and of course most filmmaker’s have had the same experiences of hospitals wanting to protect themselves against liability and refusing to allow any shooting on the premises without permits and a great deal of red tape.  I didn’t want to create that reality for ourselves so I denied that to be our forthcoming experience and through “affirmative prayer” I acknowledged the infinite potential existing in our life with no limitations or restrictions to keep us from acquiring what we desire. 

Affirmative Prayer is a very powerful process of aligning oneself with source energy to create our desired outcome. The answered prayer is what is referred to as a demonstration.  In this case we had a demonstration when we were stopped by security, who then referred us to the head security, who in turn referred us to the hospital police, who miraculously allowed us to bring our camera equipment into the hospital.  If this wasn’t demonstration enough when we started to interview the patient his doctor walked in and volunteered to be interviewed for the movie and signed a release without any hesitation. All of this came as a result of me not buying in to the illusion of lack and limitation and opening my partner and myself to a greater reality.

We were created in the image and likeness of the Infinite Filmmaker which is perfect, whole and complete, yet we are so influenced by the appearances going on around us that we lose track of who we really are as characters in this universal movie.  We lose track of the fact that we are infinite characters in an infinite movie created by an Infinite Filmmaker who is not holding back anything from our movie called, “Life”.  Once we understand our connection as characters in this universal movie with the source of all Creation then we can proceed to create with complete confidence the experiences we desire to have in our life.

Rich Smith

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